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The Whistleblower -- Anathema Of Government
February 2001
 Perspective: SEATTLE
2001 Election Newsletters
September 2001: Newsletter articles from Bob's campaign for Mayor of Seattle, 2001
District Elections -- the Media's Role
February 2001: While they focussed their attention during a campaign on issues over which they had no control, they avoided discussing those concerns of the general population
City Light's Stolen Independence
February 2001: The fortunes of Seattle City Light didn't just happen overnight
Seattle's City Hall At Wits' End January 2001
City Light Rate Increase -- 2001
January 2001: Blackouts as policy?
City Light Rate Increase -- 2000
November 2000: Conservation is not electrical generation
Statement AGAINST Seattle Park Levy
November 2000: Seattle Proposition #1
An open letter to the Seattle City Council
August 2000: Re USS Alabama and the Seattle Police Guild
World Trade Organization
April 2000: Why in Seattle?
January 2000: Who's running Seattle, anyway? One can only wonder...
Letter to Mindy Cameron, Seattle Times
June 1999: The Muni League and it's volunteers
The Packaged Candidate
April 1999: How the elite get selected and elected and elected and elected... so much for "of, by and for the people"
Seattle's Elective Gatekeepers
March 1999: Are 'Good Government' organizations actually good? Probably not...
Letter to the Seattle City Council - Key Tower
March 1998: Redesigning Seattle - A developer's dream at taxpayer expense
Real Estate / Key Tower
Key Tower - $1.215M real Estate Excise Tax Giveaway
If You Don't Like It, Sue Us!
February 1997: The arrogance of power
 Perspective: KING COUNTY
Statement AGAINST King County Sales Tax Increase
November 2000: King County Proposition #1
Statement AGAINST AFIS Tax Levy
September 2000: King County Proposition #2
Calculated Lies
October 15, 2000: A "Code of Honor" for political candidates?
Calculated Lies, Part 2
October 27, 2000: Where the Supreme Court goes, so go we
Utilitarian State
February 1999: Governance of the People by the "Law of the Perceived Good"
Utilitarian State, Part 2 April 2000
State Recall
September 1998: Document covering State Process for Recalling Washington Officials
Impeachment January 1998
 Perspective: NATIONAL
America's Empire Syndrome
October 10, 2000: The bigger they are, the harder they fall
Freedom of Religion July 2000
The Rule Of Law Is a Myth May 2000
The American Republic At Risk
March 2000: The idea that we still have a representative form of government based on the constitution has turned into a myth
Governance Without Wisdom
March 2000: What's lacking in today's selection of leaders is the requirement for wisdom
Freedom of Speech, The Bill of Rights February 1999
Impeachment & the US House of Representatives December 1998
Impeachment & the US Senate December 1998
Freedom of the Press
August 1998: When freedom of the press is taken too far...