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Sept. 2000 - King County Proposition No. 2
Regular Property Tax Levy for Automated Fingerprint Identification System Services (AFIS)

Statement AGAINST

· 1986 - Taxpayers voted for the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS).

· 1990 - Council argued: "It's not a new tax, merely a continuation of the old." Voters agreed.

· 1995 - Same argument. Voters continued to agree.

Year 2000. Enough is enough. After fourteen long years, it's time for the King County Council to fund the AFIS program in its annual budget. It should have been included in the budget following the end of the 1986 "startup" levy. Only a NO vote will send the Council a message to do so now.

AFIS is a critical part of the criminal justice system. By refusing to include it in the budget, the Council is coercing taxpayers into believing they must once again pass another "excess property tax" levy for the AFIS -- or lose it. A NO vote will place the responsibility of funding this system where it belongs -- with the Council.

This levy is a revenue-generating ploy. By continuing to fund the AFIS with levies, taxpayers are letting the Council "off the hook." AFIS is a public safety component and should use revenues from the General Fund. Vote NO on continuing this unwarranted $52 million "excess property tax" burden.

Fred Bucke

Bob Hegamin


Voting NO will compel the Council to finance this vital AFIS from the county's General Fund.

Council members knew funding from the 1995 AFIS levy was ending this year. They are duty-bound to sustain what proponents call an "essential tool against crime", even if voters say NO to this proposed levy.

Unaccountably, they had relegated the future of AFIS to voter "uncertainty", belittling its importance.

Vote NO to this $52 million "excess property tax".

Fred Bucke

Bob Hegamin