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NEWSLETTER - 13 August 14, 2001

As Mayor, it will be my goal to see that neither special interests nor crises will continue to govern Seattle. I am seeking the office based on my ideology of government contained in the following abbreviated copy of my statement in the "Voters Pamphlet." For more details, please visit my website:


RESUME. I was born in Shanghai, China on December 28, 1926; served in the U.S. Air Force (1948-1952); graduated from Seattle University -- Bachelor of Science degrees in Electrical Engineering and General Science (1966); retired from Seattle City Light -- electrical engineer (1989).

REASON FOR RUNNING. Seattle's mayor must be able to deal with the City's future by anticipating, analyzing, and acting with realistic solutions on any issue. I have the background to perform that role and, as a retired City Light engineer, especially as it relates to the utility's policies, rates and crises.

I will end City Hall's current guiding principle that "the end justifies the means." It means eradicating the abuses of government; making City Hall accountable by publishing fiscal and performance audits; establishing fiscal discipline; and restoring the people's confidence in their elected officials.

REAL CHANGE. I am not seeking any endorsements. Your vote will be my mandate to use your taxes for good government, rather than for the "good" of special interests.

I will "clean house" by asking for the resignation of all city department heads, which will eliminate the entrenched "business-as-usual" syndrome in City government. To be fair, they will be considered for reinstatement should they apply for the positions they vacate.

PRINCIPLES. My administration will be based on three principles: accountability, political integrity, and fiscal discipline. As Mayor, I'll underwrite them with my experience and expertise -- 20 years at City Light and 30 years in political activism. They will be the foundation of common sense solutions for bringing the city's debt and taxes under control; addressing the problems and needs of the police and fire departments; encouraging economic development; repairing race relations; solving problems of the homeless; and affordable housing.

BASIC CIVIC NEEDS. I will also advocate developing an energy plan for City Light; setting up an emergency preparedness plan for Seattle's residents; establishing City Council district elections; and appointing an ombudsman.