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Who's really the Loser?

response by J. Mills, Chair, Libertarian Party of Washington State | July 24th, 2002

Mike Medved's "Losertarian" label amuses me no end. I wonder how much stock he holds in AOL dot com? Sure, they've never made any serious profits, but hey, they will in the future.

"Losertarian"? The Republicans have been in power for 150 years. Aren't things going well? Luckily, there's much less federal control over education since they've been in power. Ooops. The Department of Education is bigger than ever.

Well, at least, the size, scope, and power of the state and federal government has shrunk. Ooops.

Wasn't it Richard Nixon - Republican - who last imposed wage and price controls? Ooops, so much for free markets.

Luckily, taxes have gone down dramatically on account of the Republicans. Ooops.

"If not us, who? If not now, when?" Wasn't that Ronald Reagan's call to shrink the federal government? Ooops, so much for limited government.

Republicans have had 150 years of being either completely or partially in control, yet year after year the size, scope, and power of government on both the state and federal level has grown and grown and grown. (Trivia test: Name the last Republican President or Governor who left office with a government bureaucracy smaller, less expansive, and less expensive than when he took office.)

If you keep promising something, and failing to deliver year after year after year, well . . . isn't that the exact definition of a loser? And, by that standard, aren't the Republicans just some of the biggest political losers the world has ever known? I mean, after 150 years either they're liars or completely incompetent.

Hey, Mike . . . step aside and let the Losertarians run things for a year or two. Maybe then, we'll actually elect someone interested in shrinking the size and power of government and a group really interested in personal responsibility and an end to politicians controlling every aspect of our lives.

- J. Mills, Chair, Libertarian Party of Washington State