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Goodbye, Medved

reprinted by permission from LP News, August 2002, page 28, "The Mailbox"
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I have had it with Michael Medved.

For the past two or three years, [radio talk show host] Medved has been ranting that Libertarians were "losertarians" and complaining that voting for us is a waste of votes and that people need to vote for Republicans instead.

Well, we'll vote for Republicans when they clean up their act -- and not before.

On June 20 [2002], Medved did it again, only this time he trashed the LP's "Incumbent Killer Strategy" on drug war goons. He even called Ron Crickenberger a liar because he couldn't comprehend the LP's "spoiler" concept.

Then he qualified his tirade with, "When the Libertarians quit running candidates and quit interfering with elections, then I'll quit talking about them."

Even though Medved sometimes pays lip service to libertarian ideas, he has proven himself to be totally unworthy as a freedom fighter, since he routinely crucifies the only political party that has stood foursquare for individual rights. He is now doing everything he can to destroy the 30 years of progress the LP has done to protect and preserve our rights.

I urge every Libertarian and every other freedom-minded American to call, write, and e-mail the general manager of every radio station that carries Medved and demand that he be taken off the air.

Libertarians should also make notes on what companies advertise on Medved's program and organize whatever boycotts that may be needed to help get the job done.

Goodbye, Medved. Do something productive. Get yourself a $5.15 an hour job at McDonald's taking orders for Quarter Pounders.

-- John Martin , Wetumpka, Alabama