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Kar Pool Kontacts

White Dwarf Books have noticed that some of their customers travel from distant locations. To ease the burden of a long trip, Cary Thomas, a White Dwarf customer, is providing a listing of potential car pool participants. To contact them, please click on their e-mail addresses.

Please note: The individual providing the transportation may request a modest compensation (for fuel, etc.) from the passengers.

You can reach the White Dwarf Web page at: White Dwarf Bookstore - Vancouver, B.C., CANADA

Disclaimer: White Dwarf Books & Cary Thomas assume NO RESPONSIBILITY for any damages or losses due to contacting or associating with those listed on the KAR POOL KONTACTS Page. White Dwarf Books & Cary Thomas do NOT screen the credibility, veracity or character of those listed.

The KAR POOL KONTACTS page is provided and maintained by Cary Thomas. The KAR POOL KONTACTS page is NOT affiliated with or endorsed by White Dwarf Books.




If you would like to be included in this listing, please send e-mail to cary.cw.thomas [a*t] gmail.com with your e-mail address, location (City, State/Province, Country), and primary interest for car pooling to White Dwarf Books. Cary will try to add you to this page as soon as possible.

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